How Jikiden Reiki changed my life

Recently, I have been thinking about the difference Jikiden Reiki has made in my life.  Here are some of my thoughts on the significant impact it has had and the way things have changed for me since my first seminar in Kyoto in 2002.

In terms of my health and healing, I find it amazing to think that there was a time when I would cut myself and reach for cream and a plaster, or when I had a headache and would go for the painkillers immediately. I used to frequent the doctor’s surgery and was often laid up with flu or an unexplained virus that seemed to take forever to get out of my system. Now though, I never think twice about using Reiki for all first aid, as I have developed such a strong trust in Reiki that I automatically use it whenever I have a problem. If I do get sick, I don’t worry the way I used to, because I know that Reiki will help it to pass through my system very quickly. I no longer fear illness the way I used to. I have seen so many amazing things with Jikiden Reiki and heard incredible stories from Chiyoko Yamaguchi and others that I know it will look after me for the rest of my life.

I am filled with gratitude in a way that I was never aware of before. Gratitude for this wonderful loving energy and for the life I now have and am creating. When I hear heartfelt stories from people who learned from me and are using Jikiden Reiki in their daily lives, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with gratitude. In particular, those who use it for themselves, their friends and families and are seeing family members recover from operations so fast or get relief from pain, or their children come to them each time they are hurt or sick to ask for Reiki to help them get better quickly. It makes me think of Chiyoko Yamaguchi, my first teacher, who used it in the same way all her life and saw small miracles every day.  What is true for me, and what I see happening for those I have taught too, is a gradual learning to trust Reiki so much that the miracles are no longer miracles, they are just ‘what happens’ when you do Reiki.

For example;

- After Typhoid and years of stomach pain, I finally became free from all pain.

- A lady in Cornwall who cured her hiatus hernia that the doctor said she would always need   medication for.

- The daughter who helped her mother recover from a hip replacement so quickly and so well.

- The grandmother who uses it to help her whole family whenever they are sick.

- The mother who helped her child recover completely from a severe skin condition.

This is the energy of life being used by ordinary people in their everyday lives in magical ways, and it feels wonderful to be a part of that. I am so grateful.

I have a deep appreciation for my body and how incredible it is too. I don’t remember being aware of my body before I started learning Jikiden Reiki. I used my body to get around, of course, but never considered it unless I was sick, and then I was really just annoyed with it for not working properly.   Now, I try to consciously feel how my body is feeling each day, to see which areas need my attention and to appreciate, move, stretch and give Reiki to the parts of me that are feeling tired, painful or heavy. I am on a journey where I continue to learn about how amazing my body really is, and how connected it is to my emotional and spiritual development. 

As I have seen Reiki help my body to heal and rejuvenate itself, I have established a deeper connection with the miracles that happen in my body on a daily basis, and I appreciate how hard it works for me. When I am sick, it is simply my body doing the best it can to eliminate the unwanted toxins so that I can move freely and grounded in the world again. If my limbs are painful, if my kidneys are sore, if I hurt my back or any part of me, I talk to that part and imagine it happy, well and working proficiently again. This may sound a little ‘toys in the attic’ to some people, but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Each cell is living, that is a fact. And every one of the trillions of cells in your body respond to the energy held in your attitude towards it.  

A friend of the family who came to our house for Reiki treatments had an undiagnosed condition in his leg and had not been able to sit down for over a year. In constant pain, he had developed a hatred for this leg that was palpable to all those around him. As I was giving him Reiki, I could feel such sadness in his leg, and I introduced an idea to him. I suggested that he spend just 5 or 10 minutes each evening talking to his leg, being tender with it and telling it how much he loved it and that he wanted it to get better and feel good again. To be honest, I didn’t really expect him to do it, as I knew it sounded a little crazy to him. Yet he did. And after just a week, he reported that his leg felt very different and much better, not completely healed as that would take time, but he was able to see the possibility of a more positive future and was happy to continue the practice of consciously loving his body. He went on to learn Jikiden Reiki and take acupuncture, so he is now helping himself with those too, and last I heard, he was walking at least six miles a day. Given the proper nourishment – love, movement and attention or energy – our bodies will heal as well as they possibly can.

There is so much more to say about how Jikiden Reiki has changed my life, but I am aware that this has become a long missive now so I will finish by saying that I have a new found sense of empowerment and confidence that comes with the knowledge and experience that in situations where I used to feel helpless - such as times when I or my family are sick – I can use Reiki and actively do something that I know is making a difference. I can take my life safely into my own hands – and those rather large hands of the supportive Universe around me.