"The Jikiden Reiki course packs a huge amount of entirely new information into three days but it is easy to assimilate and recall thanks to the exceptionally skilled teaching of Amanda Jayne. The techniques taught are put into practice right away so that the simplicity, value and power of Jikiden Reiki are immediately evident. I found it an inspiring, transforming experience and am now constantly delighted by the usefulness of Jikiden Reiki in my daily life."
Liz, Kent

The Jikiden Reiki Seminar took place in beautiful house in middle of the countryside which just made the atmosphere for the seminar. The whole weekend was beautiful, relaxing and very inspiring. I have not felt so well minded for the last few years.

Amanda is an experienced teacher and talks about the history of Reiki in a way that makes it really interesting, she explains to you how to make reiki become part of your life. If you want to learn Reiki I can definitely recommend Amanda as the person who takes you into it and shows you the way to work with Jikiden Reiki.
I love it! It's absolutely amazing!
Nada, Czech Republic

I was very impressed indeed in the way Amanda conducted her seminars, and her ability to convey the whole aspect of Reiki in such a simple and understandable way.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and feel I have benefited considerably from it.  I have been able to help others since, in particular my close friend Eve who passed away at the end of December.  I feel also that it has helped me in dealing with my own stresses and everyday life.  


I would recommend Amanda as a teacher for any subject, but in particular Reiki as she is so committed to it, and has made it her business to find out so much about this wonderful healing tool.  I will continue to practice it, and hopefully continue learning, and hope to be attuned again soon. 

Olga , England 

The 3 day reiki course taught by Amanda Jayne was absolutely fantastic. It was a positive and relaxing environment and the course and contents were extremely well organised. I came away from the course confident to use
reiki and knowing that I still had Amanda to turn to for any support. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher to anybody.

                                 Marieke, Sheffield England

I approached the course with excitement, some trepidation and a feeling of inferiority.  Shall I fail?  Shall my mind block the new concepts?  Shall I be able to take everything in and embrace it all? Shall I be able to concentrate for 3 days? However, the most prevalent feeling I had was excitement and anticipation.

Amanda's knowledge and enthusiasm was so inspiring and her thrill to be sharing this with others was obvious. I was delighted to be a part of something so inspiring - I had always been interested in healing but thought it was a gift to certain people only and not something that could be taught and passed down. What a revelation.

Pat Olivey, England