Letting Go

One of the most important aspects of giving Reiki is letting go. This is not always as easy as it sounds! Many people have heard me talk about how when I started Reiki I was trying so hard to make sure that Reiki was coming out of my hands (virtually trying to push it out) that I was getting in the way and actually interfering with the natural flow. Thankfully, over time, I came to see what I was doing and to begin to let go. I learned to give thanks, put my hands on and get out of the way.

Letting go is not always so simple at first. We think we have let go, yet we may have specific ideas about what we want the outcome of the treatment to be – understandably. However, if I am trying to have the result turn out in a particular way, then I cannot have completely let go.  

I believe the key lies in trust, complete trust in Reiki, in the Universe, in life. Trust that this energy will work for the highest purpose of the person lying in front of me – and that the outcome could look very different from any expectations I or my client may have.  

This can feel difficult sometimes because it can bring up another important trust – trust in oneself. Surely there must be something more I should do, however small, to make sure this works?    I think it works for others but not me. What if I am not as good as others? Oh, I really hope this works – what will they think if it doesn’t? If you have any of these thoughts, they are coming from your ego and you are not letting go, you are not allowing the energy to flow. 


So what can we do to let go? 

One way to let go is to make a clear intention at the beginning of the session. For example, ‘I intend to let go and allow healing to take place for the highest good of all concerned.’ or, ‘Dear God/Spirit/Universe, please may this person be healed according to their highest good. Thank you’ - and then get out of the way.  If thoughts of self doubt or feelings that you need to keep asking for help again and again - just to make sure, come into your head, don’t chastise yourself. You can simply notice them and let them go. You are not doing any healing yourself, your thoughts are not needed in the process, though simple kindness and compassion go a long way.  

 If the outcome of a treatment is not what you or they had hoped for, if it appears that nothing has happened, this is the time to bring trust forward. Consciously find it inside you. You cannot have failed, you cannot have done anything wrong, you were not meant to fix anyone or anything. You were simply allowing the energy of life to flow with kindness and compassion. You can have no idea what the complete outcome of that Reiki session is for the client. It may be something immediately obvious such as relief from pain or it may be something internal, something vital for that person, that no-one will ever realise. That is ok. If we are giving Reiki sessions with the attitude of kindness and compassion, with the Gokai in our hearts, and no attachment to the results – letting go – then we can be sure that all is well.