Why should I learn Reiki?

I am often asked this question. And my answer is always that ‘there is no ‘should’, it is totally up to you.’ Reiki is something anyone can do – there is no-one it doesn’t ‘work’ for, but deciding to learn can be a big decision. It is a commitment – to yourself, your body, your life and your future. Here are a few things to think about as you make your decision:

The ability to help your loved ones when they are sick or in pain is a gift like no other. I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I experience this. Rather than feeling helpless, I can simply put my hands on them knowing that Reiki is doing whatever is necessary to help their body return to its natural state.

Reiki is a decision to love yourself and your body. Since learning Reiki I have come to appreciate my body in a way I never did before. I am acutely aware of any changes and so thankful that when I feel any discomfort I can simply place my hand on that part of my body. It feels wonderful.

Reiki is not about a 2 or 3 day seminar that changes you for life without any input from you. This is just the beginning. Once you have learned how to use this incredible energy then it is up to you to practice using it on yourself and those around you. This is the way you can gain trust in the energy and understand its effectiveness, and over time, most people notice positive changes in themselves generally too. 

Reiki is an investment for your future. In the times we live in, we are seeing more natural disasters and disease. Reiki is not just for relaxation, it can be used in any situation – for first aid and serious health issues as well as minor ailments. In fact, Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki used it extensively and very effectively during the big earthquake in Tokyo in 1923. The thought that no matter what happens in the future I can look after myself physically and mentally as much as possible is a great comfort to me and I can imagine would be to anyone.

If you have found yourself drawn to reading about Reiki and keep going back to read more about it, or maybe you keep noticing people talking about it – then maybe your heart is telling you something.