Rejoining the course

In Chujiro Hayashi`s time it was recommended that students rejoin the courses often to receive more Reiju (attunements). I also encourage students to do this for the same reason. I have heard people say that once you receive one Reiju (Reiki attunement) from a teacher, you don’t need to receive any more – and even that if you receive another attunement from a different teacher it can cancel out the effect of the first! I also had someone contact me recently who had been told that something can be 'taken away' from you during Reiju or attunements.  This is not true at all and is a misunderstanding of what Reiju is.  I will explain more about what Reiju is and how and why it is good to receive as many as you can  in my courses.  It is 100% safe and will give you a wonderful gift - being able to help yourself and others for the rest of your life.
Some students also feel that the second time they attend the course, they learn even more because they have some experience and can ask specific questions. In addition, because there is so much in the course they can catch details that they may have missed the first time round.  Having attended over 30 of Mr Yamaguchi's seminars, I can safely say that I still learn something each time I attend.
You can choose which sections of the course you wish to rejoin, however, if you wish to go on to become Shihan-kaku (assistant teacher) you must repeat both Shoden and Okuden at least once.
The cost of rejoining a seminar is a fraction of the original price.