How Jikiden Reiki benefits the body

My own experience shows me that I have ignored my body for most of my life. I didn’t really pay much attention to it for about 30 years. It was there, but only as something I put clothes on in the morning and even when doing exercise or playing sports I still didn’t really pay much attention to it. When I was sick, I became frustrated or angry with it. It was only after learning Jikiden Reiki that I came to consciously think about my body, about how incredible it really is and how it is only because of my body that I am able to experience anything in life! Yet I hadn’t always treated it very well. I drank too much, ate junk food, popped pills like nobody’s business, rarely exercised and never felt any gratitude towards it at all. 

Changes with Jikiden Reiki

For me, one of the most wonderful benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki has been the opportunity it has given me to really start appreciating my body and all that it does. Now, when I injure or cut myself, I give it Reiki and watch it become pink and sometimes start to close up before my eyes, I am filled with wonder and awe at how my body works and how hard it works for me, to help me live and experience things in whatever way I want to. When I have a cold or minor sickness, I am filled with gratitude as I remember how hard it is working to eliminate the toxins for me, which I have found contributes enormously to me feeling better. I no longer take medication for minor illnesses; I have stopped drinking excessively and changed my diet – not because I thought I ought to (I don’t believe this works well), but because I really wanted to!

Reaping the benefits

I am not saying that everyone should do this, what I am saying is that Reiki helped me to recognise my body for the incredible instrument it is and to come to a place of more harmony with it. Having Reiki energy running through me and giving myself treatments every day has helped me to move from being in a place where I was constantly sick with something, frequently at the doctors and had post-typhoid stomach problems to my present situation. I am now fit and healthy, and am free from stomach pain.   I did not agonise over these things, they have come naturally to me over the last 4 or 5 years.   I am not the only person to experience such incredible changes in my life. If you want to – you can do this too (the changes not the singing!)