Benefits of Jikiden Reiki on the spirit

Learning Jikiden Reiki has helped me to become acutely aware that there is more to life than meets the eye. The life energy that we use when giving Reiki is the unseen energy that runs through all of life, vibrating and flowing at different rates. It is part of us and we are part of it and therefore, we are all connected by this energy coming from one source. 




In my experience, I become aware of my 'spirit' when I am aware of my connections to things...

Internal guidance

My connection to my body – how much I can feel it and appreciate it and how much I can listen to the cues it is giving me about everything, from what it really wants to eat (not the same as what my head sometimes wants!) to how I feel inside about a situation. My body holds my invaluable guidance system. It tells me whether something feels good or bad – in other words, my intuition. Jikiden Reiki has helped me incredibly with being able to recognise and listen to my intuition and it has helped me to become more sensitive to the feelings in my body. It can be difficult sometimes to notice my true feelings around situations, because my head and my learned thoughts confuse me with ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ that come from outside of me. I am now able to stop and check in with myself about simple things like whether I really want to eat a certain thing – or whether it feels better to go out or stay in, to do this thing or that thing. By checking whether my body feels good or bad when I think about something, I am learning to recognise my inbuilt guidance system that tells me what the deepest part of me really wants. I think of this as me connecting with my spirit. In this way, I hope I can do the same for the ‘bigger’ moments in life too – should I move job? Move house? Go to India? Take this road or that one? I recognise now that when I made my move from England to Japan, I was listening to my internal guidance system at the time. It was telling me it felt good because…. it was a good thing for me to do – look what it gave me - I can use chopsticks now!  Oh and then there’s Jikiden Reiki too.


The world around us

My awareness of my connection to the world around me has increased insurmountably since I started Jikiden Reiki. By this I mean my awareness of how much I am the creator of the circumstances around me and awareness of my ability to ‘feel’ energy in people and living things. The source energy that runs through everything is something that can be felt and I have found that I notice the sounds, colours, smells and textures of the natural world around me so much more now. I feel richness in them and a connection with them that I wasn’t aware existed before. Often, when I feel tired or unwell, I will go and stand near trees or in a beautiful green area and just be still and feel. Invariably, my tiredness washes away and I feel rejuvenated in an incredible way. The more I do it, the stronger I feel the connection, the more gratitude for the world around me I feel and the better my body and spirit feels. You don’t need Reiki to do that and anyone can do it, but without the awareness of energy that Reiki brought me, I wouldn’t have discovered it.


The idea that we are 'all one' comes because we are essentially all from the same source energy, however, we all show up in drastically different ways – which is one of things I love about life. My connection to other people is something I cherish and feeling people on a heart level is an amazing experience. When I notice myself thinking and judging people in a way that does not feel good to me, I try to concentrate on feeling them on a heart level instead of letting my thoughts get in the way of our connection. I can’t always do this yet, though I am happy about feeling it more and more. I do find that when I am giving Reiki to someone, it is impossible for me to be anywhere else but in my heart. That feels good.


Lastly, and most importantly, my connection to me. I could not truly feel my connection to anything else if I wasn’t first aware of my connection to myself. I feel this so much more than I did, and becoming aware of my feelings in my body, my thoughts and reactions to things, and how I feel in relationship to other have all helped me to do this. 

My friends and family all remark on how different I am now compared to the time I left England to go and live in Japan. They tell me I seem more alive, I look healthier and brighter and am calmer and more positive about life. This is certainly how I feel. I feel a sense of wellbeing, I find that my response to different situations around me comes more calmly and easily, I feel a connection with myself, my body, with the world around me and with the people I meet, regardless of the circumstances. Most of all I can feel a sense of trust in life itself that no matter what happens (and with or without Reiki, there are sometimes challenging times) ultimately I know everything will be ok.

Reiki has helped me peel back some layers so that more of ‘me’ is shining through than before, and that is a great feeling.