Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for parents

The ability to use Reiki to help your children and grandchildren is a wonderful gift. 

In the 1930s, when Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki, a large proportion of those learning were mothers and midwifes as the benefits for parents and those working with babies and children was well known. Being able to help your children when they are in pain, sick or injure themselves is beneficial to both the parent and the child in so many ways. 

Parents no longer feel helpless when their child is sick and can be more proactive in maintaining their children’s health, plus, the fact that Reiki involves gently laying your hands on them helps with bonding, trust and feeling comfortable with touch. So many parents, after learning Jikiden Reiki talk about how good it feels to be able to help their children in this way.  Children benefit enormously too. Minor sicknesses pass through their body much faster, cuts and scrapes heal very quickly and cleanly and they can grow up without their body having to cope with the many side effects of taking medication.

Jikiden Reiki for Parents - Special Courses

As a parent you can join any of my Jikiden Reiki workshops and get all the information you need to treat your family. However, I also facilitate Jikiden Reiki for Parents Courses. These workshops focus on the ways to help your children and family using Reiki. The course is taught in 3 parts and can be taken as a weekend course or spread out over 3 weeks to make it easier for busy mums and dads.  Contact me if you are interested in taking one of these courses.

Personal Experience

Alex Harris from East Sussex in England learned Jikiden Reiki in 2006 and has used it since then on her young children. She wrote to me to tell me how she is finding Reiki useful as a mother:

Since finishing the course I have not given my 20 month old twin daughters any medicine which is a testament to how great Reiki is!   I am thrilled that I did the course and have even managed to elicit envy from friends who have trained in western Reiki but want to learn the excellent first aid treatments that Jikiden Reiki uses. I have had cause to use the first aid treatments twice in the past couple of days as I cut myself very deeply and then my daughter fell and landed face down on her forehead in the middle of the road. Both times the wounds healed much more quickly and cleanly than they would have done previously. Thank you so much.”
It is so good to hear feedback and to know that I can be a part of the process to help mothers to care for their children in this way.


Additional thoughts on conventional health care

I want to make it clear that I am not saying that you should never use medication again (unless you want to) or never take your children to see the doctor. My feeling is that we all would benefit from trusting our own inner knowing much more in terms of what we or our children need. If your child is mildly sick with a cold or slight fever, then it is not necessary to take them to the doctors or give them medication – Reiki will soon have them up and running round again. However, if they have something you are worried about, it is important to consult your doctor. Then, once you know the problem, you can choose whether or not you want to treat it using solely Reiki - whilst monitoring their condition by checking with the doctor at regular intervals - or use Reiki in addition to the medication you have chosen.

If the condition is serious you may choose medication and give them Reiki to try to help their body cope with the problem and any side effects from medication. If it is at all possible to treat a condition using natural medicine then I really recommend this, as it will work more harmoniously with their body and allow the Reiki to concentrate on the toxins associated with the condition rather than it having to clear the toxins caused by the medication too.


Taking the time you need

As I mentioned before, Chiyoko Yamaguchi brought her sons up using Reiki as the only form of treatment. The had no vaccinations and no first aid kit in the house. She learned that taking the time to stop and give them first aid, or treatments, whenever they needed it was invaluable to them – and to her.

I will teach you how to give first aid and treat your children with Reiki during the course.