Animals and plants

In Jikiden Reiki we don't teach anything about giving Reiki to animals or plants because Usui sensei and Hayashi sensei didn't teach this.  However, Reiki has a wonderful effect on both animals and plants and once you have completed the seminar, you can try it out on your furry friends and green shoots if you want to - my feeling is that you will be quite amazed at the effects it produces.

My plant experience

I remember when I first started Reiki, I was teaching English in Japan and one day I noticed a sadly neglected plant in my classroom.  It had basically given up and was so malnourished it was lying limply across the desk.  Feeling a bit guilty at generally being more interested in my lunch than the plant, I thought I'd have a go at giving it Reiki and did so for about 20 minutes.  My colleagues thought I had lost it when they walked past to see me emphatically holding my hands round this virtually dead, wilted brownish thing, but I bravely continued in the name of guilt. 

The following day, I came into my classroom to find the same plant, bright green, standing up and looking extremely healthy!  I was truly amazed and when my colleage saw the plant, she was so shocked, she went onto the net and signed up to do the course. 

I am not suggesting that you neglect your plants to test this theory, but if you come across a sad looking green one, it's a great way to help them out.  It is also great for them generally and helps them to stay healthy.

Animals and Reiki

Most animals love receiving Reiki when they are well and it is fun to give them Reiki and see their different reactions. Some sleep, some get frisky, some won't leave your side and some looked surprised and run off :)  I recently had a wonderful experience where I gave Reiki to a horse.  I had not come into contact with horses before and had no idea what incredible creatures they were.  It felt so amazing to be doing what I was doing and to feel the horse relaxing, trusting and leaning into me as I held my hands on him. I would love to do that again.

When they are sick, Reiki will calm animals and help them to heal faster.  It feels so good to be able to do something to help them when they are unwell.  I think feeling helpless is a terrible feeling and so finding ways to empower yourself and your pet in times of sickness is a wonderful thing.